Mittwoch, 28. November 2007

Three pairs of gloves

I've being pretty busy gloving the last days and finished three pairs of gloves.
First pair is a pair of three fingered mittens - working gloves. These mittens were pretty common in 13./ 14. th century.
The material is sheep leather, sewn with linen thread.

The Luttrell Psalter, c. 1320-1340
Next is a pair of gloves is a pair of "falconry" gloves - gloves like these are seen in the illuminations of the 13th and 14th century, worn by noble men and women.
I used very fine goat leather, sewn with linen thread. The tassel is made of silk thread.

Taymouth Hours: Lady with falcon, (British Library, Yates Thompson 13, fol. 74), c. 1325-1335

The last pair of gloves were very common in Italy during the end of the 15th, beginning of 16th century. The gloves have very short, folded back cuffs to allow elaborate sleeves.
Materials for these gloves were black and brown goat leather and linen thread.

Paolo Cavazzola: Portrait of a Lady , c. 1515


nijso hat gesagt…

Hallo Katharina,
nice gloves, it must have taken you a long time to make. I also made a three-fingered pair of gloves once, based on a find in the Belgium city of Aalst. The website is:


Elmsley Rose hat gesagt…

I've read your whole blog, and greatly enjoyed it. Thankyou for all the pictures and particularly the embroidery details of those extant gloves.
I read of your mention of your attempt to work on velvet. I've tried it too (and given up!). I know that one lady who has experience in working in it, so might be a good person to ask if you ever want to work in it again is

best regards

Tristán Z. hat gesagt…

I saw your blog and wanted to introduce myself. Your Holledoublet is amazing, inspiring, and yes - just a little crazy! I look forward to following your projects.

Best wishes,

suchystfur hat gesagt…

i really like ur gloves. i looking for someone who would like to do one for me 14th century pattern with bottoms. do u know anyone who would be able to make them?
btw i love ur work, this gloves are amasing.

Will McLean hat gesagt…

Greetings. Do you accept commissions?
I would like to acquire a pair of gloves suitable for the inside of late 14th c. hourglass gauntlets.

Alena Edwin hat gesagt…

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