Montag, 19. November 2007

Swabian Gown - Dress Diary

I felt in love with a Swabian gown after seeing them at Myra's website

Ursula Greckin, ca 1500

Barbara Wespach ca. 1500
See Grizel's bead pages for more beaded sleeves and dresses:

This dress is going to involve lots of embroidery. I just love the asymetric style of the one embroidered sleeve (and - it's less work to do one sleeve than two :-) )

Progress so far:

Started with the embroidery: Beads, silk velvet oak leaves and gold thread.

The gown itself will be made after the pattern of the "Master of the housebook" or Nuremberg dress.

Young Girl and Old Man, ca. 1475-80
This pattern also has the "grande assiette sleeves" which I always wanted to try for a female dress (my husband has one and will get another one soon ;-) )

Two Card Players, 1480
Way to go!!!


Machteld hat gesagt…

I love the embroidery with the white leafs!!

Racaire hat gesagt…

Looking forward to see more pictures of your progress :D

B.Trousers hat gesagt…

Your beading so far looks wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished product!