Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007

Stella's purse

As a birthday present I made a pursefor Stella matching her laurel cloak.
I had a "left over" beaded flower (one, I made myself - the ones on the laurel cloak were made by Elslin and Eleanore), so I decided to do a purse with a circle opening.

The star has the beaded flower in the center, with glass beads and golden sequins, and is embroidered with couched gold thread and applique (purple silk velvet).
Materials used for the purse:
Embroidery: Silk velvet, gold thread, gold sequins, silk thread
Wool fabric, silk fabric (lining)
Roboam and his subjects in the Speculum historiale (BNF Fr. 50, fol. 88), 15th century
Torture of a profaner, Speculum historiale (BNF Fr. 51, fol. 440v), 15th century
The Visitation by Master M S, 1506.
Mary embraces Elizabeth, c. 1510Elizabeth and Zachariah have pouches suspended from their belts.


Racaire hat gesagt…

what a lovely, lovely idea :D
thanks for sharing the photos :)

Laren hat gesagt…

This is a great pouch. I love the star pattern. I think I might have a go at this using goldwork.