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Manchester City Galleries - Costume Collection

England 1640-60, 28 cm
Materials: leather, silk , lace, silver thread, horsehair
Kid gloves for men or possibly women, with slit cuff lined with fawn silk, linked with two bands of fawn ribbon (faded salmon pink), edged with silver gilt bobbin lace; cuff embroidered, on bright mauve-pink silk satin in a pattern of snails padded with horsehair and additional padded circular motifs in yellow and blue; surrounded with within border in padded work in silk, silver thread, coil, in satin, laid and knot stitches; edged spangles and silver bobbin lace , with spangles attached to points (left thumb missing); degraded silk embroidery shows padding underneath - very good source for process.

England, 1580 - 1620, 41cm
Buff leather gauntlet gloves. Cuffs (lined with brown and green shot silk) embroidered in formal floral design mainly in coiled metal thread over silk thread worked in satin stitch, open at outside to wrist with gold fringe round side and bottom edges, outside edges connected by three leather strips lined brown silk with looped edging of gold thread and embroidered in meandering design in laid metal thread and spangles, rest of glove, except side pieces of fingers, lined leather, side pieces of fingers shaped into point on back of hand, applied leather band with formal floral embroidery round base of thumb, rectangle beneath with similar embroidery joining band of gauntlet

England, 1640 - 1660, 12.75 inches
Material: kid leather
seamed at outer hand and round base of thumb, v-shaped sections between fingers with small gusset at base, extending half way up forearm to form gauntlet, open at seam, connected by three pieces of brown silk ribbon, gauntlet lined brown silk, forming binding at edge and showing through cut-out embroidered geometrical decoration worked in chain stitch, overcasting, buttonhole stitch and herringbone stitch, similar but without cutting out at base of fingers on back and round thumb, cut-out decoration at base of fingers on palm with needlework fillings and decoration in chain stitch and buttonhole stitch

England, 1580 - 1600, 41.5 cm
Materials: Kid leather
Fawn leather, embroidered with silk thread, metal lace and spangles. Lined with white kid. Gauntlets white satin embroidered over stiff foundation, lined with red silk, seamed at outer hand, sewn-in thumb, v-shaped sections between fingers, gauntlets, widening towards edge, trimmed at join with wrist with ruched red silk ribbon with gold lace trimming, gauntlet edge cut into long rounded tabs connected inside by red silk gussets, and edged gold lace with spangles, embroidered with shells, the pelican in her piety, and birds and flowers, with silk and metal thread worked mainly in satin stitch and laid work, the shells and the pelicans raised.

1640-1650, 11.5 inch
Materials: Leather, metal, silk, Kid
Gauntlet of beige silk, backed with white kid, and partly lined with lime-green silk twill. Embroidered in coloured silk threads, metal thread chain stitch, couched metal strip and metal sequins. Edged with looped silk and metal thread picot braid. Design consists of naturalistic birds and full blown flowers with smaller stylised fruit motifs.

Europe 1640-1660, 31.5 cm
Materials: Kid, leather, gilt, silk
White kid. Vent in outer edge of cuff. Cuffs worked with broad band of embroidery in gilt thread and silks, mostly blue, yellow and orangey-brown, showing birds and flowers. Bound and faced with orangey-brown plain weave silk and edged with a gilt fringe.
The embroidery of this glove was used as a pattern for Stella's gloves

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une américaine hat gesagt…

I have a question for you that you may know the answer to.

I'm currently doing some research on Early Modern French gloves (around 1660) due to a play I'm translating from that year where a man takes off a woman's glove and gets pricked by something.

Did women wear pins in their gloves by the wrist to keep the glove in place? What could have hurt him while taking off her glove if not, I wonder? Do you know?

Thank you so much for your time!