Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

Gloves/Cuffs for Michael and Moira

Pictures from the Pennsic War 35 (2006) Opening Ceremony showing the gloves and cuffs I made for Michael and Moira

Based on these Originals

Gloves: 1220, Gloves of the Holy Roman Emperor. Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna
Sicily, beginning of the 13th century Red silk, embroidered in gold; rubies, sapphires, pearls; enameled gold; L 15.5 cm and 17 cm respectively The gloves were presumably made for the Emperor Friedrich II in the royal workshop in Sicily before 1220, the year of his coronation.

Cuffs: 1130 or later Dalmatic sleeves, Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna
Palermo, Royal workshop, between 1130 and 1154 Purple silk with trimmings in red silk, embroidered in gold, gold filigree, enamel, and pearls; H overall 141 cm


Racaire hat gesagt…

You made this gorgeous gloves?
Great work!!!!

Katharina hat gesagt…

(And silly me even did a mini version of them - will put them online in the next days...)

Racaire hat gesagt…

I am still waiting for the photos of the mini version ;)

btw. how about photos or closeup pictures of the gloves for Michael and Moira?